Ask The Espeon and her Family

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"My Trainers’ house, uh, dont worry, he won’t catch you, he only really invites these days," Perry quickly clarified

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"I trust you both very dearly, so I will believe what you say is true." At that the Arcanine dipped her head. Rue looked up at the Arcanine and smiled. "At least you’ll get to meet the rest of the family Arch!"

(( Please give my dear friend some comfort, he’s just lost someone close to him. And i’m sure he would really appreciate it, i may not have noticed right away, but that doesn’t matter.. he needs all the compassion and grace he can get ))

If I was your boyfriend Princee would hurt me. But joking aside, at most I'd think not much would change. We'd act more like best friends with the occassional romance. Or more. I dunno. My only thought then is how not to fuck it up.

Its alright Hats. xD

If I was your boyfriend, I would tell you how beautiful you are each passing day, with no hesitation to steal a kiss every now and then (unless you tell me no more). I would make sure you fell special and that you would never doubt yourself. If I was your boyfriend, I would continually find ways to impress you and keep the relationship alive. Because that's what you deserve in a boyfriend.

awweee ;u;

IF I WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND, I'D probably try not to spaz out, but I'm rather excitable and we'd probably go on silly adventures even if they were little or online ones and then we'd snooze in a big cozy bed together, with plenty of food of course |D

aw yes best sneks around

If I was your gf we'd play Pokemon and minecraft all day, eat snacks and Losten to lotsa music and sing together BU swag yo

hell yes man

If I was your boyfriend I would never let anyone hurt you and always cuddle with you X3

aweee ;u;

If I was your bf ithen we would be pERMANENT CUDDLE BUDDIES

Fun fact; i’ve never actually been cuddled much ;u;” or like at all haha

Can I get “If I was your girl/boyfriend…” messages?
Electric attacks going off nearby, by the sounds of it could be a couple of pokemon duking it out



Jem was padding around her territory when she heard sparks echoing through the trees. Curiosity spiking her she started to pad towards the sound.

"Oh thank you i need to get this egg somewhere safe so those pokemon won’t eat it before it hatc-"

the egg moves just as he said that and begins to crack

" …oh fudgenuggest" says the luxray as he looks at the egg " well seems i’m gonna be a dad!" going over to get the egg back

"Well i’m happy for you." The Espeon says handing the egg over to the Luxray.


"Mm…. Yeah!" Perry said, not putting much thought to into it. "I’ve met lest trustful people… whiiiich speaking of, when we get back. don’t mention the greninja that lucky mentioned. trust me."

"Alright… Where are we going exactly?" The Arcanine questioned. 


Perry looks forward “… I think its cause he’s seeing things without rose tinted glasses for a change.” Perry said, optimistically. “I think he’s a good kid. “

"And you’re sure he can be trusted?"


"… Thanks." Perry said, feeling remorse for his mate, It was true then "… A lot of stuff happened back then huh." Perry observed, he couldnt say much, he, supposivly, lost his mother when he was young, but now suddenly there she was

"So you say you ran into your… other brother.. whilst fighting the midnight clan.. Is he…?" Arch glanced at the two of them.

"He’s.. well.. my step brother, he’s apart of the Zoroark clan.."

"As I thought.. But, why did he help you?"

"…. I.. don’t know.."


"… Jems been having a particularly clear dream." he begun, looking forward "…  of a forest fire when she was young, where she lost a lot of family… she says it feels like a memory… " 

"… an entire forest set ablaze.." Arch looked up at the sky. "It probably was indeed a memory.. I remember that fire…"