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Livestream requests for goldensimisage and askumbreonandfriends c:
Thanks for coming those who came! I may do another one tomorrow, ‘cause I didn’t finish the thing I was working on.

Livestream requests for goldensimisage and askumbreonandfriends c:

Thanks for coming those who came! I may do another one tomorrow, ‘cause I didn’t finish the thing I was working on.


Perry smiled as he walked in the familiar woods “Welcome home kiddo.” he said softly, looking up to Arch “and welcome to our little corner of the world, Arch.”

Rue smiled at the woods and looked back and forth between the two of them. “Well, not yet. But we should rest, we’re in the woods, but we still have a little while to walk left.”


"… Allright…" Perry softly agreed, walking closer to Rue, in case she got too tired to walk steadily, Perry’s rings dimmed down as his concern raised, considering the previous attack, he wasn’t sure what will happen. even with Arch there, Rue was still his daughter who he watched out for.

Rue smiled towards Perry and continued to walk. Soon they reached the boarder of the forest that they called home.


Perry noticed Rue’s yawning “Hey, Kiddo, you getting tired?” he asked calmly, in a soft voice

"Yeah I guess, but lets get to the forest first, we’re almost there." Rue said with yet another yawn. 


Perry nodded “Right!” he agreed heading forward, keeping his ears up and listening.

Rue and Arch walked after them, and they did so for a while till Rue began to yawn. The moon was climbing high into the sky around that time. 

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Perry made a hm sound, “Well, atleast my daughter understands my comedic genius.” though, genius wasn’t exactly the word for it. or comedic, for that matter.

Rue chuckled, “Well, lets get a move on, the farther we get tonight, the less amount of traveling we have to do tomorrow.”

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"Uh… It was a Joke, Arch…" Perry elaborated "Cause I didnt notice the tree? eh? eh? Rueyougotitright?"

Rue nodded and looked up to Arch noticing her look of confusion. “Its alright Arch, not every one gets it all the time..”

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"I’mfine. I’ve bonked my head on much harder things at much greater speeds" Perry comments quickly backing up, and shaking himself "Though Arch, you could’ve warned me your forest magically conjures trees." Perry joked

The arcanine gave him a confused look, “I don’t understand what you mean….”


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"Yeah really,Bless her heart but Lucy is kind of oblivious, I don’t know where she picked that up from considering who her da-" he begun as he walked straight into a tree

"Dad!? Are you alright??" Rue questioned wondering if he was hurt. Arch was about to speak, but the umbreon had spoken before her.